Friday, November 18, 2011

Community Gardens in Miami Dade

Roots in the city

Enchanted Forest

The Miami Beach Victory Garden

226 Collins Ave, Miami Beach. The garden has 20 plots and it's under the care of the Parks and Recreation Department of City of Miami Beach, but it's managed by a core of community volunteers.

Community garden at Liberty Square

Liberty Square Housing Development, 65th Street NW at 14th Avenue, Miami. The garden is made up of more than 40 plots.

Contact Juanita Shanks, Executive Director of Keep Miami Beautiful.



Roots of the Grove Garden

Vegetable community garden located at 3196 Plaza Street at Day Avenue, Coconut Grove.

Roots In The City

The focus of this garden is community development, creating jobs and beautifying Miami's inner city. The organization has established several community gardens and tree nurseries in Overtown.

Miami-Dade County Public Housing Agency

Miami-Dade County Public Housing Agency’s elderly housing development at Robert King High Towers, 1407 NW 7 Street. Contact Brett Bibeau, The Miami River Commission.

Heroes Unite-Enchanted forest

Alice Billman's organization Heroes Unite created a community garden in Griffing Park where locals can plant fruits and vegetables based on what's in season. Through the organization's Giving Back Green program, 17 small plots of land were created in the area of the park called Enchanted Forest, 1725 NE 135 St. in North Miami. The community gardeners will work with students and professors from FIU to maintain the garden.Please find an article about the opening of the garden in Miami Herald here.

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