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Green U Roundtable Meeting- Minutes by Lauren Baron

Green U Roundtable Meeting Minutes 11-9

First we talked about the point of Green U Roundtable which is to promote unity, communication and cooperation between student groups by exchanging ideas of ways our campus can be more environmentally conscious. We also hope to share and inform each other of projects each group is working on, and discuss possible collaborations between groups.

The meeting focused on ideas for two large events that we want to do next semester in collaboration with many student organizations on campus.

Water Day (will happen the week of March 22nd)- Water Day would be an event focusing on water use awareness and water issues. There will be a screening of the movie “One Water” ( which is actually directed by UM professor Sanjeev Chatterjee and narrated by Donna Shalala. We will also plan a panel discussion involving experts on water issues, incorporating people and teachers with many different viewpoints and from different disciplines. We’ll promote outreach activities to the campus community by putting information signs along the walkway between memorial and the UC with water facts. We want the experience of water day to be an interactive one for students! We brainstormed ideas to really get the students involved and leave a lasting impact on campus.
Some examples of activities include:

Have students carry large water jugs a certain distance to emphasize how some people in other countries have to carry water over far distances
Showing students how much the average person uses when they brush their teeth and don’t turn the water off, take a shower, wash the dishes etc. by having a water display with the amount of water those activities use
Create a giant pyramid of large water jugs to be placed on the green to emphasize water day and show how much we use
Involve the Wellness Center and a Campus 5k to illustrate how far some people have to travel to get potable water
There would be an information table stationed in the UC or on the rock facilitating all of the activities and with information for people about water issues, the screening of the movie, and the panel discussion

Earth Week and Earth Day-(the week before April 22nd which is Earth Day)
During Earth Week, we want to promote awareness about many different environmental issues and ways in which students can make a difference themselves.
The theme of the week is “Green YOU” focusing on what things a person can personally do in their everyday life to make an important environmental impact.
-We will reserve the rock have a different focus each day about different environmental issues (examples of focuses include food, energy, recycling, pollution etc.)
-Visuals and interaction will also be a big part of this week.
Some ideas include:

the giant framework (skeleton) of a globe that people would contribute their trash to all day and we could paint later turning it into something beautiful
A large board with the question at the top “How can our campus be more environmentally friendly?” that students could come up to and write their opinions on
Maybe a concert the night before Earth Day
A panel with experts talking about different environmental issues could also be formed
We want to promote activities focusing on environment and sustainability in the Miami area as well, so we will encourage students to attend an event called “Sustainatopia” which is downtown and lasts from April 19th to the 25th (check out

We talked about two really important things to make this whole thing even more impactful:
-Mobilizing a Green U Action Network which would be a comprehensive listserve linking the organizations that would work together to put on these events and future events
-Getting every organization on campus involved (every club, every honor society, all of greek life) by getting them to pledge that the week of earth week they will make environmental issues and awareness the focus of their organization for that week (this would promote education, involve a lot more groups and get more people to come to the events)

Finally we talked about what needs to get done and who needs to do it.
Ian- look into the Sustainatopia event, talk to maker of One Water and have him commit to a day so we can reserve the green and equipment
Emily-reserve the rock/patio or table in the breezeway for both weeks that the events will be going on and the previous week for promotion
Lauren-contact RAK and see if they are doing hug the lake this year, what else they had planned and if they want to be involved, contact other student orgs to get them involved

EVERYONE!: Please brainstorm ideas for these two events and start gathering environmental facts that we can use for the visuals and education (The most pressing need is for facts for water day to put on the little signs along the walkway and incorporate into visuals)

Also, if you did not come to the meeting please try to make it to our next one which will be next Wednesday, November 16 at 7:30pm in the lower lounge of the UC (on the couches).

We want groups to be involved and work together!! But most importantly, we want to make an impact on this campus!!!

Please feel free to forward this email to any other student organization you think would be interested in coming to the next Green U Roundtable.

Green U Roundtable

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