Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Organic Window Blinds- The Trend Hunter

Organic Window Blinds

by Meghan Young on Trendhunter.com

The Liteon Eco Leaf is Inspired by Trees to Provide Shade and Light

It cannot be denied that window blinds are essential in many homes to provide much-needed shade throughout the day or to simply seal off the rest of the world when privacy is desired; yet the Liteon Eco Leaf takes these simply coverings to a whole new level. Not only does it provide shade and privacy, it absorbs solar energy to emit soft light when dark as well as provide ventilation.

Designed by Lim Wan Xuan and Tang Xueling Jane of XentiQ Pte Ltd., the Liteon Eco Leaf is evidently inspired by a leaf. It uses solar cells that recharge during the day in order to provide illumination later through a unique yet beautiful pattern on its felt-like surface. The Liteon Eco Leaf also incorporates a digital display to inform people the current room temperature.

Please see the pictures on trenhunter.com here.


  1. wow. this is a nice looking blinds houston. i wish i can have one of this.

  2. On my own opinion, I think that its a great idea to use organic window blinds which is now a trend hunter to many people. I know that its vital to use organic materials and be environment friendly. I think that its the best choice against this global warming phenomenon that we are experiencing.


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