Thursday, February 2, 2012

Baynanza 2012- April 21st

The Green committee will be sponsoring two events in the late spring/early summer and I wanted to mention them now so that people could put them on their calendar.

April 21st is the annual Baynanza beach cleanup.  I have contacted Miami-Dade County to start the process of having the beach area in front of RSMAS and the hatchery facility (the area between the historic Virginia Key Beach and Seaquarium) added to the list of official Baynanza cleanup sites. The county people in charge of Baynanza are definitely interested in making our beach area part of their official cleanup sites, but I contacted them too late to have this done for 2012. It is very likely that we will be an official site for the 2013 cleanup. For this year Baynanza officials will send their excess people from the historic Virginia Key Beach site along the Bear Cut shoreline to the RSMAS dock where they will help clean up our beach area. If you are interested in helping with the cleanup this year make sure you sign up for the historic Virginia Key beach site and that way you will get a t-shirt. On-line registration will be available in mid February and I'll send the link once it is open. We will also plan to have some volleyball games and a bring-your-own BBQ for RSMAS folks in the afternoon after the cleanup.

We see getting the RSMAS beach area on the list of official Baynanza cleanup sites as a great outreach opportunity for RSMAS. We are hoping that there are RSMAS people who would be willing to do some outreach activities, like touch-tanks, aquariums, shark stuff, etc. Any outreach activity that would be interesting to the public and would help promote RSMAS and the research we do here is welcome.

Jim Happell
Green Committee Chair

More information on Baynaza here.

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