Thursday, February 2, 2012

National Bike to Work Month, Week and Day- May 2012

The Green committee will be sponsoring two events in the late spring/early summer and I wanted to mention them now so that people could put them on their calendar.

We will also be promoting National Bike to work month, week, and day which are May, May 14-18, and May 18, respectively. I will be contacting local bike shops for items to raffle off for those that bike to work on the national bike day. Last year we provided a cold breakfast to those who rode their bike on National bike to work day. This year I will be showing off my camp cooking skills and will provide a hot breakfast to those who bike to work. We will also do some bike repair/maintenance clinics during bike to work week. Look for more details later this spring.

If you are interested in helping promote "green" issues at RSMAS consider joining the Green Committee. We meet on the third Thursday of the Month at noon in the MAC conference room. Our next meeting will be on Feb 16.

Jim Happell
Green Committee Chair

More information about Bike to work month here.
More information about Bike to work day here.

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