Thursday, March 8, 2012

Baynanza Sign up info- Ian Zink

A simplified guide to those (like me) who don't read details well :

1) Go to website listed above or here
2) Fill out form - select Historic Virginia Key Beach (south)
3) Come Saturday, April 21st, 9am to RSMAS (bring kids, volunteer hour forms, etc as needed)
4) Pick up trash/recyclables until 12pm (or we get done...) and get t-shirt from VA Key Station
5) Enjoy BBQ (BYO food/drink as needed) and company of fellow RSMoids while basking in sunshine on a clean beach!!

In the past, we have walked over to pick up our t-shirts at the close of the event.

Please remember to bring sunscreen/hat/shoes/old cloths/lip balm/sunglasses/water bottle/garden gloves
WE PROVIDE trash bags, gloves (disposable), opportunity to feel good about your efforts!

Anyone with a volleyball out there?  Maybe we can get a mini-tourni (or just some fun games) started for the afternoon....

Thank you from the RSMAS Green Committee (...and Mother Nature...)

<)))><  <)))><  <)))><  <)))><  <)))><  <)))><  <)))><  <)))><  <)))><  <)))><

Ian C. Zink

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