Monday, March 19, 2012

The Planting Tribe- Yves Rocher Fondation

from the website:
In 1992, the Rio Earth Summit was a truly historic event.
Never before had so many world leaders been assembled for this key issue: the health of our planet.

Yves Rocher was one of the four French companies invited to the summit, an opportunity that enabled Jacques Rocher, Honorary President of the Yves Rocher Foundation, to advocate for the cause of the Amazon forests by publishing a petition signed by 300,000 people.

Organized under the aegis of the Uniteds Nations, it was at this conference that the concept of Sustainable Development was developed. To follow up on this concept, the world's leaders will meet again in Rio in 2012...
an anniversary that will be celebrated by the Planting Tribe!

Please see more information here.

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