Tuesday, March 20, 2012

RSMAS ROID Relay Race- Patrick Rynne

March 15


It is time to put our differences aside and throw down some good ole' fashion competition. 2 weeks from today, we will be hosting the first annual RSMAS paddle board inter-divisional galactic relay race championship....or as it shall be hereby known as, The ROID. The purpose of The ROID is fourfold, first its a fun way to raise some money for the MSGSO student travel fund. Second its great exercise and proper excuse to get outside. Third, its fun and social. And fourth, and most importantly....it is the unequivocal means of determining which division is king of the castle.

For all information about the race, how to enter, the schedule, the race course, the rules, etc etc etc....go the following site


email me if you have any questions

may the Roid be with you


More on Patrick' website here

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