Monday, April 30, 2012

Clean Air Challenge- May 1 to May 31

Transportation is responsible for 25% of the nation's green house gas emissions.  This May, join us in supporting Clean Air Month by sharing the ride and reducing your impact on the environment.  By making the Clean Air Month pledge, you can reward yourself and your company!
 You may find more details here.
Also please see the article in E-Veritas here.

Creating Eco-Friendly Digs for the Everglades- E-Veritas

 picture by Barbara Gutierrez

Its floor will be made of bamboo and recycled plastics. The pitched roof, supported by heat-treated pinewood railings, is being fashioned from a durable hand-sewn fabric, which will give the structure a tent-like appearance. And the entire abode will be off the grid, with design features for solar-powered appliances.
While the 200-square-foot eco-tent being built by a group of University of Miami architecture students may look out of place on UM’s Coral Gables campus, it will be a dwelling with a purpose.

See the article by Robert C. Jones Jr. on the E-Veritas website here.

Baynanza 2012- pictures by Laura Bracken

Miami Corporate Run/Walk 2012- RSMAS Team


Team RSMAS before the race

Team RSMAS after the race-picture by Yemi Adebiyi

Yemi Adebiyi holding the President's Cup-picture by Peng Wang

You may find more pictures on the RSMAS facebook page here.

We had a great time at the race and we won the President's Challenge cup!
Please see the runners' time below:

Fastest RSMAS team male and fastest RSMAS team member:
Mitchell Ashkenaz 22:59
UM team rank:17th
Corporate run male rank: 439th
Corporate run overall rank: 498th

Fastest RSMAS team female:
Quinn Devlin 24:29
UM team female rank: 7th
Corporate run female rank: 106th
Corporate run overall rank: 876th
Amanda Oehlert, Quinn Devlin and Alex Wakshinsky

Dustin Stommes, Mitchell Ashkenaz,Christine Strusenski,Nikki Frisbie and Tom Capo

Congratulations to both of them! Thanks to all of the RSMAS team members!

Ashkenaz,Mitchell 22:59
Wang,Peng 23:36
Alexander,Brent 24:20:00
Devlin,Quinn 24:29:00
Wakshinsky,Alex 24:30:00
Weger,Ralf 24:36:00
Coffin,Will 24:43:00
Shpiner,Matthew 24:44:00
Formel,Nathan 25:16:00
Gillette,Phillip 25:31:00
Lindo-Atichati,David 25:59:00
Arienzo,Monica 26:01:00
Zuidema,Paquita 26:41:00
Mertens,Kathleen 27:13:00
Monteiro,Fernando 27:25:00
Ulate,Marcela 27:25:00
Pennel,Romain  27:52:00
Boyd,Albert 27:54:00
Komaromi,Will 28:04:00
Oehlert,Amanda 28:15:00
Zurcher,Natalia 28:40:00
Ditya,Albertus 28:42:00
Murray,Sean 29:00:00
Stommes,Dustin 30:34:00
Bucci,Lisa 30:40:00
Larson,Sarah 30:40:00
Lopez,Jesus 31:10:00
Mapes,Brian 31:14:00
Collazo,Manuel 31:24:00
Kerns,Brandon 33:28:00
Suarez,Dionisio 33:44:00
Werkmeister,Astrid 34:02:00
Gillette,Amy 34:35:00
Gonzalez,Meghan 34:36:00
Bardales,Ana 34:42:00
Liehr,Gladys 34:58:00
Papapostolou,Thania 35:20:00
Anderson,Mike    35:55:00
Weinstein,David 36:00:00
Baris,Tara 37:54:00
Chamales,Kim 37:54:00
Adebiyi,Yemi 39:32:00
Sanchez,Patricia 41:06:00
Colbert,Angela 41:09:00
Saied,Amel 42:34:00