Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Alternative sources of protein....with six legs

You may already know alternative sources of protein like Tofu or nuts. This post is not about these but about animal alternative sources. Please see some articles:

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 Insect burgers: EU plans to promote eating insect as protein

Brussels - Research projects funded with 3 million euros by the European Commission, to promote eating insects, are to be decided on this year. So far research points towards disguising insects as a processed protein source to make the idea more palatable.

Read the article by Katarina Nikolas on the Digital Journal website here.

Four legs good, six legs better? EU to spend 3 million Euros to promote eating insects 'as alternative source of protein'

The EU will spend three million Euros to research 'the potential of insects as an alternative source of protein.'
Research projects will be selected this year.
Food experts agree that insects would probably have to be disguised for European audiences, so the insect 'food' could be used as an additive in burgers and other fast food.
The UN's Food Standards Authority says of the research: 'While insects have not traditionally been used for food in the UK or elsewhere in the European Union, it is estimated that about 2.5 billion people across the world have diets that routinely include insects.

Read the article by Rob Waugh on the Daily Mail website here.

For a list and some recipes:

The Best bugs or insects you love to eat 
It is well-known that insects are an attractive and important natural source of food for many kinds of vertebrate animals, including birds, lizards, snakes, amphibians (toads, frogs, salamanders), fish, Insectivora and other mammals (McHargue 1917; Frost 1942, pp. 62-63; Brues 1946, pp. 399-407, 418; and many others). How about to the humans? It is now KNOWN to all that insects can give you the protein you need and not to mention its unique taste.

Read the post by by alphonsian93 on Hubpages here.

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