Monday, April 16, 2012

The Eco Artists turning trash into treasure- CNN

Bruce Monro's light gardens-picture from CNN website

 From CNN:

"The Waving Wall" is a street art installation that highlights the issue of embedded water -- the hidden quantities of water used to produce the products we buy.
Created by designers and self-styled water crisis campaigners "Bloo Nation," the vast undulating wave is made up of 1,200 19-liter water bottles. This, they say, is the amount of water needed to produce just two pairs of jeans.
The installation is one of many in recent years that examine the modern problems affecting our environment. But what good can they do? Does art have a meaningful role to play in the discussions surrounding climate change?
Six artists from around the world tell us why they think art can make a difference.

Read the article by George Webster on the CNN website here.

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