Sunday, April 1, 2012

Eco fashion- Miles Pope

As Corneille wrote it in the Cid, "worthiness doesn't wait the number of years". Miles Pope is an high school student and he already shows great promise in his designs. Please see three of them below with Miles' explanations.
If you like eco fashion, Miles Pope is a name to remember.

The title of this piece is “Natural Beauty”. Once again, I was inspired by Alexander McQueen, and how he loved nature. We as humans destroy nature everyday. This piece brings that all to life. The rope that was used was all natural never died rope. The twigs that I choose to use were dead and stiff showing that this is what happens to nature after we as humans interfere with it. Out of all of the pieces in The House of AMP, this is truly one of my favorites. This piece has a presence that most garments just don’t have, it tells a story. Introducing The House of AMP’s Natural Beauty!

The Title of this piece is "Recycled Bride" The bodice of this piece is made out of recycled publix bags folded in a rose formation. The skirt of this dress has six layers of tulle with hues of rose pink and tan! This artwork recently won 2nd place in the Youth Fair's Evening Wear Fashion Show!

The title of this piece is "Savage Beauty. Savage beauty was the name of Alexander McQueens exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The "savage" part of this piece come from the wild twigs. The twigs give this piece a viking style. This is the piece where you really see a signature element of The House of AMP's pieces - the red feather. The color around the worlds represents heart heath, AIDS awareness, and now the House of AMP. The red feather throws this very interesting element into all of AMP's pieces.

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