Friday, April 13, 2012

My school community garden- Sarah, fifth grader

In my school, we have two gardens. My art teacher helped make it possible. I helped to plant the garden which is inside of the school along with other kids of all grades. Some of my friends and other kids helped plant the garden in front of the school. When I was planting the garden, it was fun and I enjoyed it a lot. One of the things I had to do was put the plants in new soil and make sure the soil was mixed with compost and fertilizer.

Some of the plants we planted both inside and in front of the school were strawberries, cherry tomatoes, onion chives, bell pepper, lettuce, cabbage and flowers.

The gardens were rebuilt after they were destroyed the first time they were planted. It all started when we planted the first gardens. Everybody in 5th grade was helping out but then at night time someone came by the school and even though there was a sign next to the gardens saying “please don’t take our gardens away”, the person walked all over our garden and took some of our vegetables.

Thankfully, my friends, my art teacher and I moved what was left to the inside of the school. Then my friends and two teachers started to rebuild the garden. After about two weeks I started to help out too because I enjoy planting and helping the earth.

People take turns watering the gardens during the day and some students stay after school to help with planting, watering and taking care of the gardens. I admire the people who are able to put effort into rebuilding a garden that had to be started all over.

Growing a garden helps people cooperate more because they have to work together to make something amazing. It’s also fun to do because when you are done, you will see what you have accomplished.

To me, what I see in the garden is something made by people coming together and working with each other.

Some people may like it, some people may not. Nevertheless, the students of my school will continue to work together to make a piece of art.

To grow your own garden, all you need is seeds, water, soil and people to help out. So grab a friend and start growing your own garden today!

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