Friday, April 13, 2012

Sustainatopia 2012- April 19 to 25


From the Sustainatopia website:


It’s no longer just about the Earth.
It’s no longer just about a Day.
The time has arrived for the world to come together in equilibrium for all 365 days a year.
We’ve lived through the Great Depression and the Great Recession- it’s now time for the Great Recalibration.
A reversion to GOOD. A return to common sense.
In fact, a full embrace of social, financial and environmental sustainability represents not only the best possible economic opportunity for this century, but it is also the natural & correct thing to do.
Not to mention the only thing that will save our planet.
You see: we simply don’t possess the right to mortgage our social, financial and environmental future to pay for the vanities of the present. We simply don’t possess the right to disrespect our fellow human beings, animals or planet.
Our mission is clear: we are obliged to leave the world in better condition for our children- who powerfully represent the future before our very eyes.
Hyper-consumption is dead. Collaborative consumption is in.
Hyper-individualism is out. Community is where it’s at.
Instead of fear- we celebrate & embrace this profound opportunity for positive change from April 19th- April 25th, 2012 in Miami.
Come experience the green thread that connects us all.
Join the movement & our friends from over 100 countries at Sustainatopia 2012.
The world is changing for GOOD!
— John Rosser, Founder

Please see more info on the website here 

Please see the article by Phillip Valys in the Sun Sentinel here.

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