Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The wildlife is in the backyard-Miami Herald

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Ruby-throated hummingbird (female) feeding on a firebush at the home of Greta and Brian Mealey in Palmetto Bay. picture by Brian K. Mealey

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"Grab a seat and enjoy. It’s showtime in this Pompano Beach back yard.
Agile squirrels scoot along fence tops. Blue jays swoop in and out of treetops. Grackles wade in a shallow bath, offering an entertaining dip, shake and splash.
“It’s really wonderful. There’s always movement,” said Gordon Gelrod, owner of the home.
It’s no coincidence that wildlife is attracted to his yard. Gelrod and his wife, Jane Duff, have turned their property into a Certified Wildlife Habitat, listed with the National Wildlife Federation."

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National Wildlife Federation,, 800-822-9919

NatureScape Broward,, 954-519-0317

Other certification and award programs that promote resource conservation and enhance wildlife habitats:

Florida Yards and Neighborhoods Program, affiliated with the University of Florida and local extension offices,

Florida Land Steward Award, presented by the Florida Land Steward Partnership, which includes University of Florida IFAS, Florida Forest Service, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. The 2012 Florida Land Steward Landowners of the Year are Terry and Barbara Glancy of south Miami-Dade County, who live, work and maintain property that includes about 15 acres of pine rockland habitat.

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