Thursday, May 3, 2012

National Bike Month- Jim Happell

So are you tired of parking at Seaquarium? Then myself and the RSMAS green committee have the perfect solution for you, which is cycling to work.

May is national bike month, May 14-18 in national bike to work week and May 18th is national bike to work day. Please see the attached flyer for more details. I'll also be posting the flyer around campus.

The green committee will be promoting National bike to work week and day by offering the following activities:

During bike to work week we will be offering several lunch time bike repair clinics. We will try and have a theme for each repair clinic, like how to adjust your brakes, change a tire, adjust gear shifting, etc. Stay tuned for more details on this. We need help from the amateur bike mechanics, so let me know if you can help teach others simple repairs and adjustments.

On bike to work day we will be offering breakfast for those that cycle to work. In addition to the cereal bars and tang like we had last year, I will also be cooking a hot breakfast. We intended on raffling off cycling related items to those who cycle to work on May 18th. If anyone has any raffle items they would like to donate or know of where we can obtain donations please contact me.

I hope we will have a good number of people cycling to work on May 18th. You might find that you really like it and become a regular bike commuter. Personally I bike to work nearly every day and for me that means an ~ 37 mile round trip. If an upper middle aged, slightly heavier than ideal weight guy like me can do it, so can you! Let's ride!

Jim Happell
Green Committee Chair

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