Thursday, August 16, 2012

Robin Emmons- Sow Much Good

Robin Emmons is the founder and executive director of "Sow Much Good". You may find the website here.

Sow Much Good Mission from the website:

As we strongly believe that access to healthy, organic foods is a right of every person, Sow Much Good, Inc. is dedicated to eliminating socio-economic, racial and ethnic health disparities resulting from lack of access to nutritionally dense food products based on status, geographic location or any combination of factors that serve to marginalize groups of people. Our programming and community based initiatives are designed to provide equal access to organic food sources; to inspire individuals to take charge of the health of our bodies and our planet; and to promote healthy lifestyles through food and nutrition.

Robin Emmons-picture by Jeffery Salter
You may read the article "Robin Emmons: Why I quit my Bank Job to Feed Noth Carolina's Hungry" by Michaele Ballard and Kristen Mascia on here.

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