Thursday, August 2, 2012

Urban Oasis Project- Miami

From the Urban Oasis Project website (for more info check here):


What We Do

We make healthy local food more accessible to ALL by:teaching people to make and maintain food gardens in under-served communities.
We encourage everyone in South Florida to re-think the lawn
and plant vegetable gardens, fruit trees, butterfly gardens, and
plants which attract pollinators, birds, and wildlife.
Our vision is a city with yard after yard of lush growth producing
food for all. Each yard is an urban oasis, creating the larger urban
oasis, citywide!

We teach workshops and classes on gardening methods, 
composting, food preservation and preparation.
We take healthy fresh local foods to the people who need them most. 
Inner-city farmers markets serve the under-served, accepting cash, 
credit, debit, and SNAP/EBT (food stamps). 
Conventional farmers markets do not serve these neighborhoods,
and do not educate people about how to get the most nutrition for their food dollars.
We plant raised bed vegetable gardens and edible landscaping. 
Everyone can grow at least some of their own food, and the benefits
are immeasurable! Body, mind, soul, the planet, everyone wins.

We share gardening advice, experience, anecdotes, knowledge,
trials and errors.
We celebrate uber-local food, that which is measured in food-meters,
not food-miles. How far did your salad travel from soil to table?
Mine was about 3 meters, a few steps out the back door.
We have fun with volunteer days, field trips, and potluck suppers
starring our garden goodies, creating a culture of healthy food.
We organize to bring more fresh local food to everyone, especially under-servedcommunities.

We network with farmers and gardeners so we may help each other.
Let's grow together!!

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