Friday, September 21, 2012

Eagle Scout candidate organizes ocean clean up near Siltsville- Miami Herald

 sent by Jim Happell, chair of the RSMAS Green Committee, who participated in the clean up

The seven surviving stilt homes – built on wooden and concrete pylons two miles offshore in what is now Biscayne National Park – once were remote getaways for politicians, judges and other Miami bigwigs to gamble and drink illegally during Prohibition.
“The Quarter Deck Club ran a racy operation out here – allegedly,” said Bill Tuttle, lawyer for the “Stiltsville Trust” and caretaker of the Ellenburg House, one of the rickety, historic structures that made it through the winds and tidal surge of Hurricane Andrew in 1992 when 12 others did not.
“Now,” Tuttle said, “about as racy as it gets out here is a Boy Scout cleanup.”

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You may see the rest of the article by Cammy Clark on the Miami Herald website here.


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