Thursday, September 20, 2012

Museum Park’s vaunted plan shrinks as Miami deals with fiscal crunch- Miami Herald

More than four years ago, the city of Miami eagerly embraced an ambitious scheme for the park portion of the mega-million-dollar Museum Park project on the bay in downtown Miami.
Unanimously approved by the City Commission, the plan for a $68 million, 20-acre green space was supposed to turn most of near-derelict Bicentennial Park into Miami’s version of Chicago’s celebrated Millennium Park. The vision: lure thousands of visitors with lush public gardens, a dramatic entrance on Biscayne Boulevard with rows of royal palms growing out of a shallow pool, a great lawn, glass pavilions and a sculpted mound to provide visitors sweeping vistas of water and greenery.

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You may read the rest of the article by Andres Viglucci on the Miami Herald website here.

Picture by Emily Michot- Miami Herald

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