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12 Tips to Turn your Clutter into Cash- Miami Herald

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A dozen tips for turning your clutter into cash

By Amy Dunn
The News & Observer

In the months leading up to our move from a 3,000-square-foot house with a walk-up attic to a home nearly half that size, I was on a mission:
Purge the clutter we had managed to collect in the course of 30 years of marriage and see how much cash we could raise for an anniversary trip.
If we didn’t need it, love it or use it on a regular basis, we put it up for sale.
There’s nothing like an impending move to speed the emptying of the closets, the far recesses of the attic and the frozen-in-time bedrooms of children who have left the nest.
But even now, a full year after our downsizing, the purge continues. Beyond the cash toward our trip, we’ve found that less clutter has fringe benefits. There’s less to dust, less to organize, less to haul to and from the attic.
Among the unwanted, unloved and no-longer necessary items we have sold: a bookcase, an antique jelly cupboard, an antique wardrobe, a dining room table, two pieces of Ben Owen III pottery, a graphing calculator, dozens of books, Christmas decorations, old appliances, out-dated iPods, toys, clothes, broken jewelry and even a used rain barrel.
The kitty for our trip is hovering at $2,500, and counting.

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