Monday, November 19, 2012

How to get rid of the weeds in your yard: eat them!

There are some weeds in my yard that keep coming back relentlessly. I used to pull them out and a few days later, they would be back, as if they were defying me. Until recently, when one day, I looked at them more carefully and realized that they were very similar to dandelions. I wondered if they were edible. I tried them and they were surpisingly good with just a tad of bitterness. So now I'm not worried about their abundance anymore because I eat them in salads.

Disclaimer: you should only eat weeds that grow in your yard if you do not spray chemicals.Also please make sure to wash them thoroughly. Last, only eat what you can identify as being edible.Do not take any chances, as some plants might be poisonous.

Dollar weeds

Find some edible plants of Florida on the Wild Floridian website here.
Find a dip recipe for dollar weeds on the Cutting Edge website here.

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