Thursday, November 15, 2012

Milk and Juice cartons wallets- Milkmuny

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More than 510,000 tons of milk and juice cartons are generated every year in the United States, but sadly, less than .05% ever get recycled according to an EPA report of (MSW) Municipal Solid Waste). That’s what got us thinking and how was created. Milkmuny is reaching out to schools and non-profits, desperately in need of funding, paying them for the collected ‘empties’, then making clever origami-esque wallets and other products and selling them on this site and at specialty retailers. We are on mission, join us! Read the blog, learn more, and please recycle.

You may find more info here.

However if you would rather make a similar recycled juice carton wallet yourself, please see below:

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You may find the instructions on here.

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