Wednesday, November 14, 2012

RSMAS Community Garden- Four weeks after planting

A month has passed since the first planting and the garden has already changed a lot. Kieran Bhatia added some soil on Thursday, November 8 (with the help of Teddy Allen, Honghai Zhang, Christy Borsky  and Joni Lum) and  on Monday, planted some carrots, lettuce and spinach (with the help of  Sharein El-Tourky and Brittanica). He had previously planted some arugulas and they just started to come out. On Monday Jefferson and Max also planted some milkweed and I attached a passion flower vine on the fence.Both plants were donated by Lynne Fieber and are the start of a butterfly garden.

Arugula seedlings





Tomatoes flowers

Starting the Butterfly garden


Passion Vine

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