Monday, November 5, 2012

RSMAS Community Garden- Two weeks after planting

These pictures were taken on October 31st. You may notice some growth and a new tap provided by Facilities which makes the watering much easier. You may also notice some new tomatoe cages purchased by Kieran Bhatia. The eggplants had some pests but they are being taken care of. Kieran Bhatia, Honghai Zhang and Christy Borski dug a new part of the plot assigned for the garden to add some more soil and plant some seeds. The garden is expanding and we may also add a butterfly garden thanks to Lynn Fieber who will give us some seedlings.
The garden is being watered every day thanks to volunteers: Monica Arienzo, Sharein El-Tourky, Honghai Zhang and Lisa Bucci. If you want to help, contact Kieran at
Thanks to all of you who make this garden a success.

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