Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Miami Corporate Run/Walk 2013- Team RSMAS results

This year the corporate run felt a little bit different because of Boston's tragedy. No backpacks or large bags were allowed.There were policemen patrolling with bomb-sniffing dogs and people were wearing tributes to Boston or talking about what happened, when waiting for the race to start. My youngest daughter, who was walking with me and my oldest daughter, kept squeezing my hand nervously and looking at the trash bins along our way to the start line. It took a while and some talking to reassure her.

It seems that we waited a little bit longer than last year  or maybe it was because we were more anxious to start. This year about 25,000 had registered and they were not deterred from coming. The waiting area was packed.

When we finally moved on, about 15 minutes after the runners had started, it seemed that the crowd was moving really slow and it took us 36 minutes to finish the first mile. We crossed the Miami River on SE 4th Street and walked through Brickell as the afternoon light reflected on the glass buildings. There is something really uplifting about seeing a sea of colorful tee shirts-clad people walking through the business district, all for a common goal.

We made our way back on the river on SW 2nd Avenue and into downtown where the old buildings always fascinate me with their carvings and decorations.

It took us about one hour to cross the finish line and get back to the UM tent where we had dinner and prizes*. And we immediately talked about coming back next year. :-)

*The RSMAS Team got second place in the President's Office challenge with 82 team members.
Matt Archer,Peter Finocchio,Yemi Adebiyi,Kieran Bhatia,Sandrine Apelbaum and Matt Janiga
picture by Arun Chandra
Yemi Adebiyi, Thania Papapostolou, Astrid Wermeister and Sarah Larson
picture by Johna Rudzin

You may see some pictures here:

You may see the results below of the RSMAS team members who ran or jogged:

Matt Archer 21:37:00
Peter Finocchio 21:48:00
Kieran Bhatia 23:52:00
Al Piggot 24:32:00
Matt Janiga 24:47:00
Monica Arienzo 25:00:00
Arun Chandra 25:23:00
Tyler Sclodnick 25:25:00
Aurore Tual 25:29:00
Phillip Gillette 25:37:00
Albert Boyd 25:52:00
Amanda Oehlert 25:57:00
Brent Alexander 25:57:00
Dustin Stommes 26:14:00
Nate Formel 26:19:00
Falk Amelung 26:45:00
Will Komaromi 27:18:00
Kelly Kearney 27:22:00
Jefferson Boyd 28:06:00
Jan Norbisrath 28:47:00
Marcela Ulate 29:08:00
Sarah Larson 29:26:00
David Lindo 29:30:00
Kenny Zhao 30:00:00
Anieri Morales Rivera 30:01:00
Ralf Weger 30:05:00
Fabio Baquero 30:07:00
Qion Zhang 31:38:00
Ernesto Vazquez 32:04:00
Fernando Greene 33:09:00
Brandon Kerns 34:06:00
Amy Gillette 34:23:00
Irena Maura 34:51:00
Meghan Gonzalez 35:43:00
David Weinstein 35:58:00
Astrid Werkmeister 36:19:00
Thania Papapostolou 36:20:00
Ana Bardales 36:23:00
Mike Anderson 36:45:00
Isabel Castro 37:04:00
Tamay Ozgokmen 39:32:00

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